Filbert Street Blonde + Filbert Steps Raspberry Blonde

 Filbert Street Blonde is a straw-colored Belgian Strong Ale weighing in around 6% ABV.

The gain bill consisted of Pilsner, Belgian pale, wheat, and Belgian biscuit malts. It was hopped with Styrian Goldings (bittering) and Saaz (flavoring). Belgian Golden Ale yeast (WLP570) from east Flanders gives the beer an earthy, phenolic aroma.

The aroma is that of cloves and baking bread. Medium bodied and well carbonated, the FSB's taste is reminiscent of biscuits. Straw-like notes yield a spicy, warming finish that lingers.

It's brother, Filbert Steps Raspberry Blonde, spent two weeks on 1.5 pounds of organic raspberries.

Though nice to look at, I'm sad to say the flavor isn't great. The tartness of the berries doesn't pair well with the earthy flavors of the yeast and the beer ends up tasting harsh and muddled. Each bottle of unfiltered beer contains hundred of tiny raspberry seeds (absolutely free!), which detract from the appeal considerably. Though I might experiment with more fruit beers in the future, I probably won't be repeating this recipe.

But hey, I guess one beer that's great to drink and another that's great to look at isn't all bad.